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Who we are

Industry Leader

Something Sweet provides high quality pies and cakes to the largest retailers in the country.  We service the majority of supermarkets, club stores, big box retailers, as well as distributors.  Our products can be found across the United States.

Quality Pies and Cakes

We produce millions of cream pies, seasonal pies, fruits pies, shelf stable pies, coffee and crumb cakes, all with clean label ingredients.  From our signature Lemon Meringue to our new Hispanic Line, Something Sweet Pies and Cakes were developed as close to scratch as possible.

Our History

We have been baking for you since 1994.  From a small family business, we have grown to one of the largest pie manufacturers in the country.  We operate two SQF certified facilities in Connecticut.  Our management team is comprised of bakery specific professionals each with decades of experience.


Cream Pies

Topped using Naturally Flavored Whipped Cream, Shelf Stable Whipped Cream, and Non Dairy Toppings, our cream pies start with a tender butter pastry crust. High quality scratch made fillings using butter, milk, eggs, real fruit, and Non GMO Cane Sugar are added in one and two layers. We leave out the artificial colors and flavors as well as most preservatives, PHO's, and HFCS.  We are sticklers for quality, pies are delivered in dome and base configurations.

Signature Meringue Pies

Our signature meringue pies can be found in retailers across the country.  We use the same pastry crust and fillings, can make them shelf stable, and top our pies with rich and fluffy proprietary meringue.  The meringue is then fire toasted for an impeccably delicious appearance.  Rosettes and Hand Topped are available as well as traditional and nontraditional flavors such as lemon, key lime, and strawberry lemonade.  Clean label, Non GMO Meringue is around the corner.

Seasonal and Fruit Pies

Seasonal and Fruit pies are a wonder of formulation artistry, keeping true to the homestyle roots but producing them on a large scale.  Pumpkin using only Dickinson Pumpkin, Pecan Pies with a twist using whole halves and available with bourbon, almonds, and pumpkin.  Our fruit pies have no rival.  We employ the natural juice method with 70-80% total fruit, the finest spices sourced from around the world, and top them with a rich hand applied butter crisp.


Coffee Cakes

Our rich and buttery coffee cakes come in nine inch round sizes and include a butter based cake, sour cream, filling, cinnamon crumb and brown sugar topping.  A nostalgic and homemade appearance and taste.

Crumb Cakes

Crumb Cakes are offered in several sizes including 8x8 and round, all topped with a butter cinnamon crumb.  These core products are offered in flavors like Old Fashioned New York, Apple Caramel, Limoncello, Seriously Chocolate, and Pumpkin Gingerbread.

Clean Label

Something Sweet has made our products since 1994 with the best ingredients on the market.  With consumers looking for better for you products, we have taken it one step further and reformulated some of the cleanest pies and cakes available.

What's New

Hispanic-inspired Pies and Cakes

We recognize the need to evolve for our ever changing customer base.  That's why we have developed a full line of Hispanic Inspired products that capture fresh and bright fruit flavors.  Mango, key lime, flan, pineapple, and coconut have all been incorporated into a new line of pies and cakes.

New Crumb Cakes

A convenient, great tasting, and affordable solution for a 5-minute weekday breakfast, a weekend family breakfast, or a sweet snack. We start with a rich, moist crème cake and add an abundant amount of authentic New York style crumb topping, made from scratch. Smaller sizes now available in nine varieties. 

Make Your Next Product

Our capabilities have expanded greatly in the past year from a new R&D lab, to bringing more science to development, to the ability to perform sophisticated shelf life studies.  We work with a number of customers to develop and commercialize products for their business and bakery industry.

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Something Sweet Inc.

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Our Customers

Something Sweet Inc services some of the largest retailers in the United States.  We are an industrial manufacturer with two SQF Level 2 Plants located in New Haven, Connecticut.